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Most prospective donors and partners associated with us have questions about the thematic areas we work in and general processes to donate us or what's it's like to be a partner at SAFI. We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we're asked. Still have a question? Please contact us!

The major thematic areas SAFI works in:

 Health and Nutrition

  • Infrastructure and Shelter
  • Environment &Livelihood
  • Community Development
  • Research & development
  • Enterpreneurship Development

 Health and Nutrition

SAFI works in  among the rural communities, and the people affected by flood, earth quakes and other natural disasters supporting with health and nutrition related parcels. People in those areas are often have problem of potable water and healthy food resulting in suffering from diarrhea and other diseases. Assessing and realizing the facts and requirements, SAFI also supports in awareness building and inplementing programs with special focus on women, children and other vulnerable groups.

Infrastructure and Shelter

In rural area of Nepal, people are not aware of building code, bye laws  and earth quake resistance building design and construction. Due to the earthquake, large no of shelters were destroyed and people are living in temporary shelter made by CGI sheets and by using salvage materials. For construction of earthquake resistance permanent shelters they need technical knowhow. In Governmental line agencies they don’t have sufficient technical manpower for technical support and for monitoring such activities.  So SAFI supports the people these sectors and aspects.

  For making resilience communities who are affected from earthquake, flood and other disaster only shelter support is not sufficient. They need to construct different structures such as school buildings, drinking water supply schemes, irrigation schemes, roads, culverts which support in overall development of the community. So, SAFI identifies the actual need and help backstopping and constructing the rural infrastructure.

 Environment &Livelihood

Agriculture is the main source of income and to improve the livelihood of the rural community. In rural area of Nepal there is huge potential to use natural resources for improving the livelihood of community. SAFI supports the poor and marginalized people by promoting innovating agriculture based income generation activities with efficient knowledge sharing and technology transfer.

Community Development

SAFI understands that the healthy communities are the backbone of the nation. So, works for strengthening civil society by prioritising the actions of communities, and their perspectives in the development of social, economic and environmental aspects. It works for the empowerment of local communities, help strengthen the capacity of people as active citizens. SAFI helps in action that helps people to recognise and develop their ability and potential and organise themselves to respond to problems and needs which they share. 

Research & development

SAFI keeps an open eyes to the changes- local, national and global labels, and research and takes back the good aspects from these changes, and remain active to implement them in our context to help overall development of communities.

Enterpreneurship Development

SAFI works for generating self-employment leading to  generation of employment opportunities for larger groups and bridging the gap between supply and market demands – in all aspects that relates to Nepalese societies