President’s Message

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WE UNDERTAKE THE SUPPORTIVE ACTION FORUM FOR IMPROVEMENT (SAFI) movement at a time when real and creative actions for moving the innovative and ingenious activities from their dormant and status quo statuses to vibrant and supportive to just, prosperous and liveable ambience for all is being challenged to revitalize and make it happening at spurious speed, and we welcome the challenge and opportunity for supportive actions aimed to achieve in reality more than merely extend or reinforce long-standing verbose and procrastinate virtues of the Nepalese society but bring in positive changes  in the virtues of work ethos, dignity, values of work and time. The SAFI ethos calls upon us to articulate and affirm the fundamental values and purposes of creation, existence and functioning of it to bring rapid, vivid and lively changed environment of the nation — a blossoming habitation abundance with promises and prosperity supportive for blissful lives, and a country with blooming future for our generations to come. The SAFI culture embraces present status and infuse and indoctrinate hope of prosperous and sustainable future for all. To ensure these, SAFI’s leadership is in the pursuit of enduring actions with dedication.

SAFI is dedicated to working with all levels, sections of society, organizations irrespective of geographical remoteness, culture or other barriers in a bid to shaping and making positive difference. We make our commitments at the hour to uphold the present status and prepare make and meet bright future in the years ahead.

We must keep our zeal and work hard to advance achievements sowing seeds of activities across SAFI’s broad ranges of working spheres, disciplines and ethos to bring positive changes. All sections of the society-especially the deprived and the have-nots must be enabled to draw easily on SAFI’s contributions to address their problems. 

We must pioneer new approaches that build on the transformative potential of a healthy and prosperous Nepalese with the insights of sustainable infrastructures and economy. SAFI seeks meaningful connections with the wider world to advance the innovation in developing sustainable and green infrastructure and economy. 

Sustainable growth has never been more important to the future of Nepal. The challenges have never been more pressing and shared. SAFI is committed to mobilizing its resources – intellectuals and human, join hands with you all to fully realize the promises.

Padma Lal Gautam